Pre-Season training for 2019 has begun, make sure you check out the events calendar to check when your team is training.

All training sessions are held at our home ground at Melbourne High School unless otherwise noted by your coaches.


Ladies Winter Season 2019 Training

Senior Women

TUESDAY - 8pm arrival, 8.30-9.30pm pitch/courts (VL & R)

THURSDAY - 6.30pm arrival, 7.00-8pm pitch/courts (ALL)


Men’s Winter Season 2019 Training

Senior Men

TUESDAY - 8.00pm arrival, 8.30-10.00pm pitch/courts (ALL)

THURSDAY - 6pm arrival, 6.30-7.30pm pitch/courts (VL & R)


Masters Winter Season 2019 Training

During the winter season, the club’s training night is Tuesdays between 8.30-10pm as MHS. 

Unfortunately most of the club's masters are still recovering from the Monday matches …so generally the Masters don't attend training but if you are up for it feel free to join the younger guys and show them a thing or two! 


Full Hockey Victoria Fixtures and Results are available from the HockeyNet SportsDesq