2013 Family Day

Club family day 2013

The MHSOB Hockey Club Family Day will be held on Saturday 23rd March at Melbourne High School. 

Come down with family and friends for a BBQ lunch and have a hit as we launch into season 2013!

The schedule is as follows:
11.00 | Kids Games and Activities
12.00 | Scratch Match
13.00 | Picnic Cup
14.30 | 1sts vs 2nds Playoff
16.00 | Club Scratch Match

First presented in 1968 and last presented in 1969, the Picnic Cup is being re-annualised this year with the clubs inaugural Youth vs Age exhibition match. Come down and enjoy the spectacle of the best under 21's attempting to out-skill the wiliest over 30's our two captains can recruit. 

Looking forward to seeing you all down at the ground over the coming weeks!




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