MHS Ground Information

Location of the MHS Ground

MHSOB Hockey Club
Melbourne High School
Forrest Hill
South Yarra, 3141

Mel Ref: 2L J4

Map of the MHS Hockey Ground

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Parking at the MHS Hockey Ground

There is very limited onsite parking at MHS. This is particularly so during peak periods (such as Saturday mornings and around training change over times). 

There is parking available in Vogue Plaza immediately accross the road from the ground for $3 on weekends and during the week. Parking is free if you shop at the centre (Woolworths/Big W).

Booking the MHS Hockey Ground

If you would like to use any of the facilities at MHS (Hockey Field, Netball Courts, Synthetic Courts, Swimming Pool, Indoor Stadium, Gym etc.) please contact South Yarra Sports.

Ground Care

We all play most of our hockey on the MHS ground. To keep it in the best condition, there are a few things we need to be aware of:

Footwear: There are some sports shoes that can damage the ground. Typically, these are shoes with blades for grip. If you are about to buy a new pair of hockey shoes, please check to make sure they are allowed on the ground. There are signs around the ground that describe which shoes are banned from the ground.

Traffic: The less traffic on the ground, the longer it'll last & the better it will play. Therefore only foot traffic is allowed on the ground - i.e. no bicycles, scooters, segways etc... Bicycles are not permitted to be parked on the ground.

Safety: We all want a safe ground, so ensure gates stay closed to catch stray balls. Also, children should not be inside the fenced area of the ground during a game, or during practice.

Litter: Ensure all litter is either put in a bin, or taken from the ground. The bins at MHS are mixed, so you can happily throw your bottles & cans in with the rest of the junk. MHS pay someone to take the rubbish away & sort it off site (sounds like a great job!).




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